MATERIA PRIMA is an archive of DRAWS

MATERIA PRIMA is an archive of DRAWS

MATERIA PRIMA is an archive of DRAWS, whose large number was created during a decade [1984-1994] and correspond to an evolutionary course of plastic expression and metaphysical conception [a set of reflections designed to provide a rational explanation of reality, starting from experience, but going beyond it, in order to arrive at realities that transcend it].

The artistic object, the author considers, is an accident of the creative impulse that he himself draws, in each moment that he finishes off a register, a sketch, or a gesture.

Sometimes it is a complex accumulation of strokes in successive layers of material… other times we can only feel the rapid gesture that can synthesise the plenitude of the look in one line.

The Theme is the human figure. Sometimes it appears isolated in an abstract space delimited without precision, or only on paper. Other times it is represented in its habitat. Other times it appears in a closed space, delimited by rigorous lines, closed in its imaginary world.

The ARCHIVE is composed of about seven hundred objects of different sizes, formats, techniques and supports. Its technical characterization ranges from naturalistic and academic representation, sometimes impregnated with a subconscious esoteric imaginary, to an emerging and compulsive neoexpressionism.

The author’s privileged technique has always been pure graffiti. However, he approaches other plastic expressions such as pastels, wax, watercolour or charcoal and gluing/taking off.
The support is almost always paper, in a wide range of formats, textures, materials and weights.

For the AUTHOR it is a formative cycle of plastic and human creativity that had its TIME. It corresponds to a precise stage in the course of his continuous formation as an observer of the UNIVERSE and the things of the world, as well as a creator of images.
This cycle was transposed when he himself considered that he had somehow achieved the full synthesis and simplification of HUMAN NATURE, through its synthetic and instantaneous scratch.

At the same time, he was able to understand that ART is the essence of the human spirit and it is through it that man shows his consciousness of things.

He was sometimes, in a cyclical way, a compulsive and disorganized producer of artistic objects, since besides that, only the laborious originality and the series production would remain.

After this cycle – its transmutation – the author dedicated himself mainly to the graphic conception: – the digital era imposes new tools and opened a universe without limits for the image creator.

The ARCHIVE is the author’s collection. It includes the objects he has kept with him for three decades. Of the initial set of works, some, few, were sold to private collectors. Others were offered, many … and are now part of other collections.